KeyStone – Release plans shelved!

In another all-too-typical example of sleazy record industry tycoons vs. the artistic ingenue, release plans for the latest version of KeyStone have been shelved indefinitely!  Despite a massive, Internet-wide outcry against this injustice, it seems that impressionable teenagers’ only hope of experiencing the rumored masterpiece will be leaked tracks on the Internet.  Suicide hotlines are on standby to deal with the rush of calls they expect to receive in the wake of this tragic news.


Nah.  I have a lot of refactoring work on the KeyStone project buffered-up in SVN, all of it decent, and I had originally planned to add a lot of features, but I’ve run out of pressing need to use my own app, and thus I’ve run out of steam (at least temporarily) to crank out the code.  So, for now, please consider it mothballed.  It’s in perfectly good shape in SVN, it’s very usable for its intended purpose (managing keystores full of symmetric keys), and I’ve improved the build process considerably.  If you download it and build it, you should be pretty happy with it.

I’m simply not planning any new work on it any time soon.  C’est la vie.  Walk it off.

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